Collins Aerospace, Wolverhampton

31 fruit trees and a wildflower meadow established across the business’ site

Mulching with repurposed cardboard

Forest of Mercia

Trees for Climate, Year 2

The Forest of Mercia contacted Collins Aerospace following a meeting with one of their staff who was interested in improving the environment at their works. They have a very large site with no public access but were keen to help the workforce improve the site environmentally.

The Forest of Mercia put forward several tree planting ideas to them and after discussion they chose an orchard and associated wildflower meadow. Once permissions had been agreed The Forest of Mercia team were able to go onsite and work with volunteers. The land was first cleared by contractors then planted with a mixed fruit orchard, mulched with repurposed cardboard and bark. Overall, 31 fruit trees were planted, mostly apples, with some pears and plums. A wildflower meadow was also sewn on site.

There were several reasons for the company to get involved in the scheme; they wanted to help with carbon fixing for climate change, they are committed to improving the biodiversity on the site and the staff wanted a nice recreational space to spend their breaks. The planting of the orchard will fix 39 tCO2e in 50 years rising to 47 tCO2e in 100 years.

As the fruit trees and wildflower meadow develop, the biodiversity of birds and insects in the area should improve. The blossoms will also benefit the beehives and honey production on site.