Support for Landowners to Plant More Trees

England’s Community Forests offer one of the most competitive grant schemes for tree planting. With years of experience and locally based support our teams will help you plan, fund and deliver woodland creation projects of all sizes that will bring real value to your land.

An expert advisor, delivery partner and funder in one, local organisation; your Community Forest make the process as simple as possible for landowners.

As well as grants that cover up to 100% of costs, your local Community Forest can provide 15 years of maintenance payments, to ensure that any planting continues to deliver long term value for you.

We can support a range of woodland creation schemes, whether it be large scale planting, or a low density or mixed habitat scheme, hedgerows, orchards or woodland pasture. Whatever your idea, your Community Forest team will listen, provide advice where you need it, and support you through the whole process of planning, funding and delivering your scheme.

ECF Landowners

Grants are entirely bespoke based on your individual needs. From the first call to your Community Forest woodland officer, a team of locally based experts will be available to help you realise the full potential that trees can bring to your land.

Benefits of a Trees for Climate grant with England’s Community Forests

  • Support for landowners and farmers to plant trees
  • Free, expert and impartial advice and support to guide you through planning, funding and planting
  • Highly bespoke grants that will cover the costs of creating a new woodland and associated infrastructure such as fencing and gates
  • Funding for on-going maintenance to ensure success

Find out how two farmers have benefited from working with their local Community Forests to plant woodlands that work alongside their businesses. 

For free advice and support contact your nearest Community Forest

With 15 Community Forests across the country, many thousands of landowners are able to access millions of pounds of grant funding being offered exclusively though the Community Forests’ Trees for Climate Fund.

Your local Community Forest can provide initial advice and guidance with no obligation to go any further. This includes support with land assessments and planning, regulation, and considerations of other complimentary grant funding that is available.

Check if you are located in a Community Forest area today on the map below, then simply make an enquiry through our online form, selecting the area where your land is located.