England’s Community Forests

England’s Community Forests work closely with communities, landowners, and businesses across England to plant trees and improve our natural environment.

These fifteen organisations (supported by partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors, and of course, local communities themselves) bring trees and people together to create healthy, inspiring resilient places for humans and nature to live, side by side.

ECF Landowners

Here for landowners

England’s Community Forests offer free, impartial advice and funding to farmers and landowners, supporting you to plan and plant new woodlands.

Supporting our communities

We work in and around our towns and cities where most people live, work and travel and where the need is greatest. We connect urban populations with the wider landscape, to improve wellbeing, help tackle climate change and create places for nature.

Where are the forests?


England’s Community Forests are located in and around our largest towns and cities.