Trees for Climate: Beechwood Primary School

20 September 2021 – Year 5 pupils at Beechwood Primary School in Crewe took part in a learning workshop in March 2021 with a Community Forester from The Mersey Forest team.

Trees for Climate: Beechwood Primary School
Year 5 pupils at Beechwood Primary learning about trees ahead of their tree planting session

Learning about trees in the great outdoors

The children discussed the importance of trees, including how they capture carbon and the photosynthesis process and how they provide habitats for wildlife, before getting involved and planting some trees themselves on the school field.

Prior to the visit with the pupils, a member of The Mersey Forest team visited the site and met with staff there to check on ground conditions, soil quality and assess the best locations on the site to plant trees.

Through the Trees for Climate programme pupils learn about the importance of trees during a tree planting session with The Mersey Forest’s Community Forester

Summary of the projec

The school is in an urban area and the selection of native trees provided, through the Trees for Climate programme, has helped to provide additional green spaces for the school community.

The trees were planted in five areas on the school site, including an area of hazel and willow coppice, which they hope to use for art projects such as willow weaving in the future.

A small orchard was also planted, providing an area where pupils have the opportunity to learn more about fruit, healthy food options and the growing process.

On the day of planting pupils were provided with full instructions on how to plant the trees, including a safety talk on the appropriate use of the tools, and information provided on how to continue to care for them so that they become fully established.

Trees for Climate: Beechwood Primary School
Pupils helping to plant a tree, supervised by The Mersey Forest’s Community Forester

Project impact

Enhancing wildlife:

The new trees will provide additional green space for the community, attracting more native wildlife to the area.

Contribution to carbon neutral:

The additional trees on this site will contribute to Cheshire East Council’s target of becoming carbon neutral in its own operations by 2025 and help to protect and enhance the natural environment as set out in their Environment Strategy.

Engagement, health and wellbeing:

60 pupils participated in the planting and learning session with further opportunities for all year groups to learn more about the importance of trees, their role in the environment and the benefits of getting out in nature for our health and wellbeing.

Beechwood Primary School – Partners

Trees for Climate: Beechwood Primary School
Pupils helping to plant a tree, supervised by The Mersey Forest’s Community Forester

About Trees for Climate

Launched in November 2020, Trees for Climate is a multi-million-pound woodland creation programme, part of the national Government-led Nature for Climate Fund.

Through our Trees for Climate fund, we can offer landowners free advice, finance, and delivery of tree planting projects.