Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest

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Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest (PSDCF) is one of the newest of England’s 13 Community Forests, and is a partnership between Plymouth City Council, South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council, National Trust and the Woodland Trust.

Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest can provide funding and support for woodland creation from moor to shore, bringing trees and people together to create healthy, inspiring, resilient places for humans and nature to live, side by side.

Map of the Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest Project Area

Support for landowners

Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest offers free impartial advice and funding to farmers and landowners, supporting you to plan to plant new woodlands, hedgerows, and orchards.

ECF Landowners

Image: Christopher Parkes

Eligible projects range from low-density, small-scale planting, through large woodland creation schemes. The grant funding from Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest aims to cover all costs associated with woodland creation including consultancy and design, relevant infrastructure, labour and tree protection, as well as ongoing maintenance payments to support the success of the trees.

Our Vision

Equitable and Inclusive

An equitable and accessible woodland network connecting the people and places of Plymouth and South Devon, with significantly increased numbers and diversity of people regularly interacting with and receiving the environmental, social, physical, and economic benefits of their community forest.


An enhanced network of trees across Plymouth and South Devon bringing improved health and wellbeing to individuals, communities, and climate, alongside dedicated woodland citizens growing with the forest and protecting future generations of trees, people, and wildlife through sustainable management and care.


An enterprising and innovative woodland culture enhancing lives through jobs, skills development, volunteering, and wider interaction with the blue/green network, supporting an embedded woodland approach to community businesses and forestry integral to community life.

Additional payments are available to projects who fulfil these principles.

Contact us

Contact us

Image: Christopher Parkes

If you would like to find out more or have any questions please contact Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest on the email link below